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The Piece Of Metal That Changed The World

Hey there, kiddos! Do you love eating yummy food? Do you hate it when it goes bad too quickly? Well, let me tell how the tin can that changed the way people preserve food forever and how Austrian economics explains its importance.

The tin can has a really interesting history that started with a French Emperor named Napoleon Bonaparte. He had two big problems. One, he had a silly hat (just kidding, that’s not really a problem). Two, he had to feed his army while they were on long journeys. But the further they got from home, the more their food would spoil.

Napoleon needed to find a way to preserve food longer, so he offered a cash prize to anyone that could do it. And that’s where the tin can comes in! Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with Austrian economics? Well, Austrian economic theory talks about something called economic value. The tin can is a great example of how something that didn’t have much value before (like spoiled food) can become super valuable with the right invention (like the tin can).

Nicolas Appert And The Discovery Of Food Preservation

But who came up with the solution of preserving food? That’s where Nicolas Appert comes in! He was a French inventor who discovered a way to preserve food in airtight jars.

So, how did he do it? Well, he first put the food in a jar and sealed it tightly. He then boiled the jar in water. This process killed the bacteria that would make the food spoil. It’s kind of like cooking the food, but in a sealed jar. The result is food that stays fresh for much longer.

This was a big deal because it meant that people could preserve food for longer periods of time without it spoiling. And that meant that food became more valuable in the economy. This is another example of Austrian economic theory in action.

Nicolas Appert’s discovery was a huge leap forward, but there was still one problem. Glass jars were not very durable and could easily break. So, someone had to come up with a better solution. And that’s where Peter Durand comes in!

Peter Durand And The Invention Of The Tin Can

Peter Durand was an Englishman who improved on Appert’s discovery by using tin cans instead of glass jars. This was a huge breakthrough because tin cans were much more durable and could withstand the rigors of travel.

So how did he do it? He used the same process as Appert, but instead of using a glass jar, he used a tin can. The food was sealed tightly inside the can, and then the can was heated to kill off any bacteria. This process ensured that the food stayed fresh for longer periods of time, which was a game-changer for people who needed to travel long distances.

Before the tin can, people couldn’t easily transport food over long distances because it would spoil. But with the invention of the tin can, people could now transport food to different parts of the world without it spoiling or the container breaking. This increased the economic value of food and created more opportunities for trade.

The Transformative Power Of The Tin Can

Did you know that the tin can also revolutionized the way we explore and travel? Before the tin can, people couldn’t easily travel long distances because they couldn’t bring fresh food with them. But with the tin can, explorers and travelers could now bring preserved food with them on their journeys. This opened up new opportunities for exploration and discovery. And not only that, the tin can changed the way people eat! Before the tin can, people could only eat foods that were in season or that they could preserve themselves. But with the tin can, people could now enjoy a variety of foods all year round. But armies and travelers weren’t the only ones who benefited from the tin can. The ability to preserve food for longer periods of time and travel increased the demand for certain types of food. This created more opportunities for farmers, food manufacturers, and transportation companies. It also created more jobs and boosted the economy.

Capitalism And The Tin Can

All this is a great lesson about capitalism! Capitalism is an economic system where people can freely exchange goods and services without government intervention. This means that people are free to create new products and services that meet the needs and wants of others. The invention of the tin can is a great example of how capitalism can lead to new innovations that create more economic value and improve people’s lives. It’s because of capitalism that the tin can was able to reach more people and become a huge success.


The tin can is not just a simple invention but a transformative one that changed the way we eat and travel. From Napoleon’s army to explorers on their journey to discover new lands, the tin can has proven to be an essential tool for preserving food, bringing tremendous value to society. So, the next time you enjoy a can of soup or vegetables, remember the story of the tin can and how it and capitalism changed the world.

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