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Dirty words!

Never in polite company, but so much fun to say.

What’s your favorite? Remember, you have to pay the swear jar to play.

What’s mine? Drum roll, please… it’s capitalism. Yeah, that’s right.

So when did this become a dirty word? Sadly, since forever. But it used to be just a small number of dummies that thought this. Today, too many dummies think this. Way too many.

Come to the Fact Farm and get smart. How smart? As smart as the pig!

We’re going to take you on a journey through the history of capitalism and show you how it makes life amazing. We’ll show you it’s the greatest source of inspiration to achieve a better life. And you wouldn’t want to live a single day without it.

We’ll show you it’s anything but a dirty word. We’ll make you proud to say it, too. So say the dirty word with me. Capitalism!

So come to the Fact Farm and be smart as a pig. The good looks will come naturally. The money gun too!

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