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Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up and witness the greatest spectacle on all of the internet. The Fact Farm!

Six quarters, five dimes and 3/10 of a $10 bill to see the Fact Farm and perform death defying feats of strength unmatched anywhere across the four corners of the globe.

Will you see them move Herculean amounts of weight? No!

Will you witness them run at blinding speeds? Never!

Will you watch as they jump unimaginable distances? Not a chance!

The amazing, stupendous feat of strength is one of self-reliance through the disciplined practice of capitalism. That’s right, capitalism. Watch in stunned disbelief as the Fact Farm demonstrates the world changing innovations that capitalism has fostered. Making life easier, more productive, and generating more wealth than any other system known to man.

But what about the claims that capitalism is evil? For those misguided souls, I direct them to Pinkos Socialist Freak Show. A marvelous, stupendous spectacle where your money magically disappears as you get the bum’s rush out the back.

At the Fact Farm, your $5 fun ticket gets you a look inside the tent where you’ll see mystical happenings not witnessed by the common man. Sneak peeks of upcoming episodes. Behind the scenes looks at how episodes are made. And other secrets to secret to tell.

So hurry, hurry, hurry. Join the Fact Farm locals community to support a message of truth, prosperity and pride in the greatest show ever seen. Capitalism!


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